NCI supports research in many domains of science. These eight case studies provide an overview of the major disciplines conducting their computational research at NCI.

A graph showing vortices forming on the surface of a rotating object.


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Physics research at NCI straddles the boundary between fundamental and applied science. A wide range of researchers are investigating some of the most fundamental phenomena that guide the functioning
A blue image centred on a motherboard with a big computer chip.


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Technology research at NCI investigates the devices, tools and systems that will support and contribute to our society in the future. This covers electronic devices, medical devices, cryptography
Lights shining out the end of individual strands of a fibre optic cable.


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Materials science research aims to discover new materials and manufacturing processes to use in the next generation of medical devices, communication systems, energy production and more. At the most
A graphical representation of a twirling DNA helix over a blurry green background.


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The wide field of health and medical science covers everything from improved diagnosis of illness to the development of new drugs and treatments. At NCI, researchers are applying computational and big