NCI’s supercomputer is a hybrid Fujitsu Primergy-Lenovo NeXtScale system called Raijin. Named after the Shinto god of thunder, lightning and storms, Raijin is a high-performance, distributed memory cluster with a peak performance of over 2 petaflops.

Image of HPC system

Raijin was originally installed in 2012 and entered full production in June 2013. Significant updates to the system entered production in November 2016 and again in mid-2017. 

Since coming online, NCI’s computational systems have evolved from a relatively straightforward x86-based cluster to a heterogeneous one made up of many different systems. Over its operational life, Raijin has been augmented with a wide variety of x86 and non-x86 based systems, including GPUs, many-core Xeon Phi processors and Power8 processors.

The entire Raijin cluster runs the same operating system, an optimised version of the highly-customised, NCI-developed Linux kernel. 

Raijin is made up of

  • 89,256 cores in 4,500 Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge, Broadwell and Skylake nodes
  • 128 GPUs in 32 NVIDIA Tesla K80 and P100 nodes
  • 32 64-core Intel Xeon Phi processors in 32 nodes
  • 64 cores in 4 IBM Power8 nodes 
  • 300 terabytes of memory
  • 8 petabytes of operational disk storage
  • Hybrid FDR/EDR Mellanox Infiniband full fat tree interconnect (up to 100 Gb/sec)