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National Computational Infrastructure - Collection Notice

This collection notice provides information about how the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) uses your personal information when you register for, or attend an activity organised by the National Computational Infrastructure, The Australian National University. This notice supplements the ANU Privacy Policy.

This collection notice explains how we use your data in relation to your attendance to an event organised by NCI. You may also be asked if you would like to stay in touch with us and consent for your personal details to be retained and used to communicate with you (in accordance with your stated preferences).

What personal data will be processed?

The personal data we process will be:

The information you provide in the form to register for an activity or by other means such as in an email or over the telephone. This may include:

  • your title, name, and full postal, email or telephone contact details;
  • your job title and role;
  • dietary needs

Other information may be collected if you have requested additional services from us. This may include:

  • travel preferences (including dates and times of travel, preferred carriers and hotels)
  • frequent flyer number
  • details of passport and/or visa

For certain events we may also collect biographical information that you either provide to us directly, or from publicly available sources. This may include:

  • photographs
  • written biographies
  • publications.

We will also collect:

  • Records of communications sent to you by NCI
  • Records of communications that we receive from you in relation to an event you have been invited to attend, will attend/have attended.

What is the purpose of the processing?

NCI will process your personal data for the following purposes:

  • To register you to attend the event(s) you desire to attend;
  • To provide you with information about the event(s) for which you have registered, that includes event updates, and possible changes, cancellation or similar information;
  • To tailor information/training to the needs of the intended audience;
  • To provide you with information about accessibility, transportation, parking, etc. that may impact on your attendance of the event;
  • To fulfil and monitor our legal responsibilities, for example, under public safety legislation;
  • In accordance with your preferences, to communicate with you about other events, news, and opportunities hosted by NCI.

We ask for your consent to process your personal data for the purposes set out above, and you can withdraw your consent at any time, except as set out in the ANU Privacy Policy.

Who will your personal data be shared with?

Within NCI, your data is shared only with staff who need access for the processing purposes set out above.

We may share some of the information with external organisations providing services for the event you are attending for example:  

  • We may share your information (including dietary requirements) with catering service if you are attending an event where catering is offered.
  • We may share your information with organisations contributing to event content/management to the extent necessary to undertake the event. 
  • In accordance with your preferences, we may share your information with organisations contributing to event content/management to communicate with you about other similar events.

The information shared will only be used to provide the service required.

How long is your data kept?

The information you provide when you register for an event is kept until all business with the event has concluded.

If you consent to stay in touch with us, essential information to communicate with you will be kept until you withdraw your consent or unsubscribe to specific communication.

Your rights in relation to your data.

Details about your rights are set out in the ANU Privacy Policy.