Australia’s preeminent high-performance data, storage and computing facility.

who we are

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) is Australia’s leading high-performance data, storage and computing organisation, providing expert services to benefit all domains of science, government and industry.

NCI brings the Australian Government and the Australian research sector together through a broad collaboration involving the largest national science agencies, universities, industry and the Australian Research Council.

NCI empowers government agencies, universities, and industry across multiple domains of research. Our integrated hardware, services and expertise drive high-impact research and groundbreaking outcomes for Australia.

Our mission

To radically enhance the high-performance computational methods and capabilities available to Australian researchers.

who we are
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As the home of the high-performance computational science of so many research organisations around the country, our highly integrated scientific computing facility provides world-class services to thousands of researchers every year. NCI’s combination of data services and supercomputing expertise delivers groundbreaking scientific outcomes; new, advanced technologies; and critical insights that inform and benefit public policy. We enable high-impact research and innovation that is otherwise impossible to undertake. Alongside and in support of Australia’s premier research funding bodies, NCI supports an internationally competitive research environment that attracts and retains leading researchers in Australia.

NCI aims to deliver to the Australian research sector the computational capability and enhanced services it needs to achieve transformational outcomes benefiting Australia’s industry, environment, research sector, public policy formulation and Australian society more broadly.

Custodians of one of the nation’s most powerful supercomputers, a high-performance research cloud, some of Australia's fastest filesystems, its largest national research data repository, and its leading data services stack, the NCI technical staff are renowned nationally and internationally for their expertise. Locally, in a reflection of their passion for their roles, they are known for their constant dedication to maintaining NCI’s excellence in service delivery.

NCI Strategic Plan

The NCI Strategic Plan guides our thinking around the priorities we focus on to best serve our user communities now and in the future.