NCI operates multiple high-speed, low-latency global parallel filesystems to support the most data-intensive research workloads

who we are

We run the fastest filesystems in the Southern Hemisphere, linking high-performance computing (HPC) with high-performance data (HPD) via 100-gigabit network links.

NCI’s filesystems contain more than 50 petabytes of research data stored in five separate global Lustre filesystems, reaching a peak IO performance of around 150 GB/second. On top of this, NCI also stores 50 petabytes of archival project data in state of the art magnetic tape libraries.

NCI runs more than 15,000 hard drives from vendors including NetApp, DDN and HPE.

Overview of NCI storage filesystems
Filesystem Capacity (Petabytes) Purpose Availability Performance (maximum)
/short 7.6 PB Large and fast IO Raijin only 150 GB/s
/g/data1-4 54 PB Storage of large data files Global 140 GB/s
Massdata 50 PB Archiving data files External 500 MB/s