NCI is governed by The Australian National University on the advice of the NCI Advisory Board, which comprises an independent Chair, the NCI Director, one member from each of the Major Collaborators and additional independent members appointed because of their expertise or to broaden the opportunities and role of NCI.

NCI operates as an unincorporated collaborative venture (the Collaboration) of a number of leading national research organisations, initially The Australian National University, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), and Geoscience Australia to further their commitment to the long-term advancement of national, advanced computing services for research. 

The structure of the Collaboration is set out in the NCI Collaboration Agreement which details the goals of the Collaboration, sets out its governance structure, articulates the collaborator contributions, and details the resource entitlements.


NCI is governed by the Australian National University on the advice of the NCI Advisory Board, to within the limits of the Statutes and policies of the University.

The Advisory Board comprises:

  • An independent Chair appointed by the Board
  • Director, NCI
  • One nominee board member appointed by each of the Major Collaborators (presently ANU, CSIRO, BoM and GA)
  • Additional independent board members appointed for two year terms by the NCI Advisory Board, because of their expertise or to broaden the opportunities and role of NCI.

Positions Vacant (2 positions): Independent Director – NCI Advisory Board

Remuneration: Daily meeting rate + Expenses

NCI Australia is one of the nation’s leading high-performance computing facilities, as well as one of Australia’s largest research data repositories and home of its most integrated data services. NCI Australia provides these world-class services to Australian science, government and industry, thereby enabling nationally significant research projects that couldn’t otherwise be undertaken.

The ideal candidates for the roles of independent director will:

  • be prepared to commit to the strategic vision of NCI Australia,
  • have experience in leadership, strategic planning and high-level decision making, and
  • have knowledge of the digital economy, big data and data technologies.

Experience in genomics and related big data informatics, or a background and expertise in high performance computing and associated big data needs of academia would be highly regarded.

Meetings are generally held four times a year in Canberra with travel expenses and a Directors fee of $1066 per meeting based on the daily rate derived from the Remuneration Tribunal (Remuneration and Allowances for Holders of Part-time Public Office) Determination for the Australian Medical Research Advisory Board, effective April 2021. Meeting participation may be by videoconference as appropriate under any applicable state or territory COVID-19 arrangements.

NCI Australia values diversity, including gender diversity, and is committed to working toward gender parity on the NCI Advisory Board, and to this end strongly encourages suitable qualified women and gender diverse people to express their interest in this opportunity.

Term of appointment: 2 years (renewable).

For further information and/or to discuss the position please contact Dr Greg Ayers - Chair, NCI Advisory Board (greg [at]

Expressions of Interest (A cover letter and current resume) should be sent to: director.nci [at] by Friday 16 July.

Position Description - Independent Director - NCI Advisory Board