NCI runs two separate clouds for the Australian research community, providing access to high-performance computing and data within specialised virtual environments and other data services.

Image of computer racks

The two versions of cloud at NCI are:

  • Tenjin – A private cloud open to researchers from NCI’s collaborating organisations
  • NeCTAR Research Cloud – A public cloud open to any researcher affiliated with an Australian university.

Both clouds feature supercomputer specification hardware and a powerful network allowing for high-performance and data-intensive computation.

Tenjin’s cloud environments are tightly integrated with NCI’s supercomputing and high-performance storage infrastructure. Located entirely within the NCI system, this provides Tenjin privileged, high-speed access to the 50-petabyte global filesystems on site. It also makes Tenjin the ideal home for data-intensive tools and services such as the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Overview of NCI's cloud computing systems
Cloud Computer Cores Memory Local Storage Access to global filesystems
Tenjin 1600 Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge 25 TB 160 TB Yes
NeCTAR Cloud Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge XX 160 TB No