Until sustainable green energy sources overtake fossil fuel usage our daily power production will rely on this increasingly valuable hydrocarbon resource. An Australian innovation in digital rock analysis has created a company at the forefront of efficient recovery of our hydrocarbon resource.

Digitalcore, is a consequence of joint ANU and UNSW research and was recognised as an emerging leader in 2012 with the award of the Rio Tinto Eureka Prize for Commercialisation of Innovation. The technology is a fusion of a new generation micro-CT scanner and advanced analysis and simulators run on the NCI supercomputer.

Formed in 2009, Digitalcore includes Dr Victor Pantano as Chief Executive Officer, Professor Mark Knackstedt as Chief Technology Officer, Professor Tim Senden and Dr Adrian Sheppard from the Research School of Physics and Engineering at the ANU, and Professor Val Pinczewski and Associate Professor Christoph Arns from the School of Petroleum Engineering at UNSW.

Digitalcore's expertise in high-fidelity 3D imaging of porous materials at a microscopic level recently been merged with the like-minded Norwegian spin-off, Numerical Rocks, themselves leaders in multiphase flow modelling.

The integration of these two leading digital core analysis companies spawned Lithicon, a leading company in the modelling of fluid flow through reservoir rocks, improving resource management as well as informing emerging technologies such as carbon sequestration.