Congratulations to NCI users Professors Marcela Bilek, Quentin Grafton, Debra Bernhardt, Barry Pogson and Belinda Medlyn who have been awarded Laureate Fellowships from the Australian Research Council for their research efforts.

These five researchers will each receive around $3 million to advance their research into areas as diverse as protein interactions, water rights, nanotechnology, drought resilient crops and vegetation modelling. These fellowships, 17 of which are awarded each year, support leading academics with their significant scientific projects, while also providing opportunities for mentoring and training the next generation of researchers.

Coming from universities all over the country and from widely varied scientific backgrounds, these new Laureate Fellows highlight the wide-ranging impactful work that NCI users conduct every day. Spanning physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science, NCI is proud to support our users in their scientific endeavours.

For example, long-time NCI user Professor Debra Bernhardt has been modelling molecules and new materials for more than 20 years. She is currently looking into materials that could be used in battery, sensor or industrial technologies. Read more about her research here.

Professor Barry Pogson is looking into the ways that plants recover from stressful weather events such as heatwaves. Read more about his research here.