Announcing the Australian HPC-AI Talent Program

NCI is excited to announce a new scholarship program to support up-and-coming academics with computational resources and cash support for PhD students.

The HPC-AI Talent Program will identify and fund 10 high-performing PhD students from across Australia and New Zealand in 2023. This program will provide 100 Kilo Service Units of computing time on the world-class Gadi supercomputer, 10 terabytes of storage space on our high-performance filesystems and $10,000 to further support high-impact HPC and AI research projects.

At NCI, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science come together with high-quality cloud services and national data collections to enable ground-breaking, globally significant research. As the central hub for many of Australia’s leading computational science communities in the areas of climate and weather, materials science, fluid dynamics and more, NCI is the catalyst which empowers scientific research.

For most computational scientists, access to supercomputing resources at NCI can come through a variety of mechanisms: merit allocation schemes such as the Adapter Allocation Scheme, National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme or Australasian Leadership Computing Grants, partner shares directly through universities, or direct contracts. PhD students, however, are generally ineligible to apply as Lead Chief Investigators for any of these mechanisms. Through this program, we will provide support to the next generation of young researchers who in turn will empower their future organisations for the broader benefit of the research and industry sectors. NCI’s new HPC-AI Talent Program will help brilliant PhD students build a track record of grant success and scientific excellence from earlier in their careers.

NCI Director Professor Sean Smith says, “We are extremely excited to support researchers at the very start of their careers. Appropriate funding and computational resources can play a major role in the successful outcome of a research project and set up an ambitious future research pathway. We are looking forward to seeing the creative and innovative science to come out of this Program.”

All Australia and New Zealand-based PhD students working on an HPC or AI project are invited to apply. The HPC-AI Talent Program is open to current PhD students with at least one year to go in their degree, or PhD students commencing during the current calendar year. Application details can be found here:

Inquiry can be sent to