If you have an application running on Gadi and you are thinking about porting it to GPUs to increase performance, or if your AI/ML application is already using GPUs and you could use a helping hand getting it to that next level of performance, consider applying to participate in the NCI-NVIDIA HPC-AI Hackathon.

Whether your code is a traditional HPC-centric application or it focuses on AI/ML technologies, the goal of the event is to port and optimise codes on GPUs in a focused and highly collaborative environment. We are expecting 10-12 research teams across various scientific research domains to participate.

GPU resources at NCI will be provided for this Hackathon.

There is a two-step application process to participate:

  1. submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)
  2. invited parties will submit a full application and proposal
A close-up image of a GPU with green plastic strips on the side of a motherboard densely packed with little chips. The words NCI-NVIDIA HPC-AI Hackathon are in grey over a dark blue rectangle on top of the image.