From left to right: Markus Hegland, Md. Mohsin Ali, Brendan Harding, Peter Strazdins

A team of researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) have used the NCI facilities to conduct ground-breaking research that has won an award for outstanding paper at an international conference. 

The award from the 2015 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS 2015) in Amsterdam  recognised the significance, scientific quality, timeliness and relevance of the team's work which allows ultra-large scale applications to run and finish successfully despite failure characteristics. 

Lead researcher and PhD Candidate at ANU, Md. Mohsin Ali, says the facilities helped the researchers evaluate their findings and that it couldn't be done without having access to the supercomputing facilities at NCI.

"We proposed techniques so that an application could finish its execution on a failure-prone system and we evaluated our techniques on Raijin to justify the effectiveness.

"It would have been impossible to conduct this research without access to the NCI facilities.

"The hardware, library support and the general support from NCI staff make it easier and more accessible for Australian educational and research institutions to use the facilities to assist in undertaking cutting-edge research," he said.

The Research Paper was a joint effort between academics from the Research School of Computer Science, Professor Peter Strazdins, Md Mohsin Ali and the Mathematical Sciences Institute's (MSI) Professor Markus Hegland, Brendan Harding and Jay W Larson.

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Photos from the Research School of Computer Science