Congratulations to the many NCI users who have been awarded Laureate Fellowships, Future Fellowships and Discovery Early Career Research Awards from the Australian Research Council in recent weeks. These grants will support researchers from across the scientific spectrum to continue their innovative and high-impact computational science research.

The 3 NCI users named Laureate Fellows, Professors Timothy Bedding, Alexander Fornito and Mark Krumholz, will each receive around $3 million over five years to advance their research into the areas of astrophysics (Profs Bedding and Krumholz) and brain simulations (Prof Fornito). These fellowships, 16 of which were awarded this year, support leading academics with their significant scientific projects, while also providing opportunities for mentoring and training the next generation of researchers.

A further 6 NCI users received Future Fellowships, designed to support the next-generation of Australian scientists to find solutions to key challenges. Congratulations to:

  • Dr Sean Hodgman (quantum physics),
  • Associate Professor Alexander Sen Gupta (oceanography),
  • Dr Nadia Zatsepin (biochemistry),
  • Dr Anastasios Polysoz (materials science),
  • Dr Charles Cox (genomics), and
  • Associate Professor Zhe Liu (materials science).

Finally, 12 NCI users received DECRAs, one of the leading schemes supporting promising early career researchers to develop and apply their research skills. From the 200 successful applicants, the 12 users from NCI are:

  • Dr Leon Chan (fluid dynamics)
  • Dr Alban de Vaucorbeil (materials science)
  • Dr Benjamin Noble (materials science)
  • Dr Thanh Son Phan (seismology)
  • Dr Ali Ahrari (engineering)
  • Dr Nicola Maher (oceanography)
  • Dr George Olah (genomics)
  • Associate Professor Aparna Lal (climate science)
  • Dr Hasindu Gamaarachchi (bioinformatics)
  • Dr Chao Ye (materials science)
  • Dr Xin Yu (computer vision)
  • Dr Tijl Grootswagers (brain science)

Coming from universities all over the country and from widely varied scientific backgrounds, these new awardees highlight the wide-ranging impactful work that NCI users conduct every day. Spanning astrophysics, materials science, health and environmental science, NCI is proud to support our users in their scientific endeavours.

Read the media releases for the awards here: Laureate Fellowships, Future Fellowships, DECRA awards.