NCI sponsored the first series of Indigenous Genomics workshops hosted by Poche SA+NT, Flinders University, focusing on vital aspects of Indigenous Genomics. This initiative brought together a consortium of genomics experts and leaders across Australia to delve into critical questions surrounding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander genomics data.

The discussions at the workshop were insightful and identified critical areas for improvement, including accountability for data management, infrastructure for data storage, and the capacity building of genomics and data researchers.

The workshop raised numerous crucial questions, which include how genomics can help obtain equity, how the network wishes to be focused, and how data-sharing decisions can be made. These questions emphasize the need for comprehensive and ethical strategies for genomics studies.

The workshop underscored the importance of addressing critical issues in Indigenous Genomics. It also celebrated the dedication of experts eager to make a profound difference in this rapidly evolving field.

The NCI-sponsored workshop provided a platform for experts and leaders to address essential considerations in Indigenous genomics. It emphasized the importance of cultural and intellectual property, community involvement, and ethical practices in genomics research.