NCI is conducting an organisational restructure to allow us to grow and develop for the next generation of high-performance computing and data in Australia. The restructure allows NCI to build increased capacity in the organisation and realign certain teams to better serve our users.

To support the restructure, we are recruiting an additional executive position at the new Deputy Director level, to work alongside our existing Deputy Directors – renamed from Associate Directors. The new Deputy Director will take charge of the vital Business Development and User Engagement capability within NCI, consolidating communications, training, user support and administrative service roles within a single overall team.

The existing Deputy Directors will lead slightly adjusted teams in Innovative Compute Environments, supporting infrastructure, development and security for HPC, cloud and storage services; and HPC and Data Innovation, supporting the growth and development of NCI’s data collections, data services, code performance optimisation and visualisation.


To provide extra support with our growing suite of systems and services, NCI is also advertising five new roles at the redefined Associate Director level. These Associate Directors will lead substantial teams with extensive responsibilities in delivering NCI’s cloud, supercomputing, data collections, storage and performance optimisation services.

For more details on the advertised roles, visit the listings on the NCI Job Opportunities page.