Congratulations to the 20 new Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science announced this week. In particular, NCI would like to recognise the four NCI users who have joined the ranks of some of Australia’s leading scientists.

  • Professor Zaiping Guo FAA, University of Adelaide – Materials Science
  • Distinguished Professor Belinda Medlyn FAA, Western Sydney University – Ecology
  • Professor Louis-Noël Moresi FAA, The Australian National University – Computational Geophysics
  • Professor Shizhang Qiao FAA, University of Adelaide – Materials Science

The many NCI users making up the ranks of the Academy Fellowship are a testament to the breadth of Australian computational science expertise, and the way high-performance computing and data science are embedded in modern scientific methods. NCI’s integrated supercomputer, data analytics and artificial intelligence environment supports the discoveries and advancements that these researchers make.