Following on from awards in 2017 and 2018, NCI's longest running commercial user, DHI, has now won the American Association of Port Authorities Lighthouse Award for their innovative NCOS ONLINE tool that helps manage large-vessel traffic in busy ports. DHI is an international water engineering company, working on things like tides, dams, shipping and more. Run at NCI in specialised cloud computing environments, NCOS ONLINE allows ports to manage traffic from large vessels and reduces the need for expensive dredging operations.

By combining weather forecasts, shipping data and automated data throughout the system, NCOS ONLINE makes it possible for more, larger ships to safely visit more ports than before. This year's award was given based on work done at the Port of Virginia in the US. In Australia, NCOS ONLINE has been in use at the Port of Brisbane for several years, where it has led to a significant increase in the number of large vessels visiting the port.

DHI has been using NCI for many years to support important innovations in water modelling and engineering. Read more examples of DHI's work at NCI here:

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