The logo for the Adapter scheme, with NCI in the background

NCI is pleased to announce the recipients of grants for Q3 2023 through our popular Adapter Allocation Scheme. The successful recipients include researchers investigating the flow dynamics of airborne droplets in indoor settings, using deep learning for cancer prediction and studying methods for solar panel recycling.

This latest round of the Adapter Scheme will support 53 research teams to conduct their work on NCI’s world-class supercomputing, big data and artificial intelligence infrastructure. This will provide researchers with computing time on the Gadi supercomputer as well as access to nationally significant data collections, specialised virtual analysis tools and optimised software platforms to speed up and simplify the scientific research process.

One of the recipients Dr Charitha de Silva from UNSW Sydney says, “The NCI Adapter Scheme is powering the development of high-fidelity multi-phase Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations at UNSW, enabling rigorous investigations into mitigation solutions that effectively reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases within indoor environments. The use of HPC through the NCI Adapter Scheme is crucial for this work due to the scale of the CFD simulations to be explored.”

The Adapter Scheme is just one of the ways that NCI is innovating to support Early Career Researchers moving into computational science and the growth disciplines of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). Of the successful proposals, 30 are from ECRs, and 6 aim to use and develop AI, ML and Deep Learning methods across fields as diverse as privacy technology, protein interactions and evolutionary science.

NCI Deputy Director Business Development and User Engagement, Dr Jingbo Wang, says, “The Adapter Scheme helps our users access the best tools and environments to do their groundbreaking research. Through this Scheme, the recently upgraded Australian Research Environment, the expert support through our Helpdesk and all of NCI’s integrated compute and data platforms, researchers can focus on their science while we provide the underlying world-class technology.”

The Adapter Allocation Scheme is supported by funding from the Department of Education through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy.

Find out more about the Adapter Allocation Scheme and find the names of all recipients on the scheme website.