Global water engineering company DHI, one of NCI's Commercial Partners, and the Port of Brisbane have been awarded the Innovative Support Services awards for their NCOS Online tool at the Dredging and Port Construction Innovation Awards 2017.

NCOS Online is a new type of cloud service, viewable online, for effectively managing depth constricted vessel traffic for large commercial ports. Using NCI's Tenjin cloud computer, DHI runs a number of daily scheduled weather forecasts, automated data collection and on-demand vessel traffic calculations.

DHI Project Lead, Simon Mortensen says, "NCI's infrastructure provided the perfect platform for hosting a demanding operational service such as NCOS Online. NCI's staff have been fantastic at working with us to make sure that the cloud service and hardware performed correctly."

This new cloud service has opened the door to more advanced and more accurate web services that will improve port operations worldwide. As the hubs for so much of our modern economies, ports around the world will benefit from more cost effective management of port traffic and less environmental impacts from unnecessary dredging in shipping channels.