Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) representing the Australian National University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a collaborative partnership to develop and facilitate exchange of information in areas of high-performance computing and data management.

Under the MoU, both organizations aspire to foster the exchange of information and the sharing of best practices concerning High-Performance Computing (HPC) operations and eco-efficient data center practices. The collaboration aims to facilitate research collaborations centered around HPC, while also advocating for the advancement of high-speed, big data transfer capabilities and technologies. CDAC and NCI will jointly explore project opportunities to enhance applications in the scientific and engineering domains, and simultaneously, create avenues for collaborative talent development and training initiatives.

This strategic partnership underscores our mutual dedication to propelling scientific research and fostering innovation. By synergistically leveraging our combined expertise, we aim for the unexplored frontiers in HPC niche areas delivering substantial advancements for researchers and scientists on a global scale. Collaboratively, we envision spearheading groundbreaking advancements in knowledge and accelerating transformative discoveries within the dynamic realm of Hydrodynamics,” said Col. A K Nath (Retd.), Executive Director, Corporate Strategy and C-DAC, Pune.

NCI Director Professor Sean Smith noted that this MoU is very timely as international engagements between NCI and prominent international supercomputing facilities ramp up. NCI and C-DAC have many common interests and challenges, and the collaborations under the MoU will further strategic aims to foster greater collaborations regionally.          

About the National Computational Infrastructure

National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) is Australia’s leading national provider of high-end computational and data-intensive services, with a well-respected reputation for its services, expertise and innovation. NCI is an operating unit of the Australian National University and is built on and sustained by a formal collaboration of national research organisations, ANU, CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, Geoscience Australia, other research-intensive universities and eResearch support organisations nationally.