A new interdisciplinary journal featuring the latest breakthroughs in computational science is set to launch in January 2018.

The premium Wiley journal, titled Advanced Theory and Simulations, is currently looking for academic submissions from across the entire gamut of scientific research in regards to theoretical methods, modeling and simulations.

Professor Sean Smith, NCI's incoming Director, will join twenty-one other international academics on the editorial advisory board for Advanced Theory and Simulations, promoting Australia's scientific endeavours in the domain of high-performance computing.

The whole spectrum of natural science will feature in the journal, including:

  • materials, chemistry, condensed matter physics
  • engineering, energy
  • life science, biology, medicine
  • atmosphere, environment, climate
  • planetary science, astronomy, cosmology
  • method development, numerical methods, statistics

Advanced Theory and Simulations takes its name from the highly regarded Advanced journal family, and will be produced by global academic publishing powerhouse Wiley.

To submit a paper to Advanced Theory and Simulations, please click here.

Additionally, the journal homepage on Wiley Online Library can be found here.