NCI is pleased to be sponsoring the poster award at the upcoming Symposium on Advanced Materials and Sustainable Technology 2022.

The international symposium aims to bring together top scientists from various countries to discuss the latest advances from theoretical and experimental perspectives, in functional materials for sustainable technologies and to establish new research collaborations.

The symposium is open to participants from both academia and industry and will focus on advanced materials including innovations and progress in functional materials design, synthesis, characterization, simulations, surface modification, and emerging materials in applications of sustainable energy and environmental technologies. The sessions will also cover various technological aspects of sustainable energy ecosystems and processes that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions.

The main themes include:

  • 2D Materials for electronics and  electrocatalysis
    • Theme Chairs: Dr. Tanveer Hussain; A/Prof. Ting Liao; A/Prof. Yan Jiao; 
  • Materials for Solar fuel and Photovoltaics
    • Theme Chairs:   Prof. Prasant Sonar; Dr. Jingwei Hou
  • Functional and composite materials (Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric, Optoelectronic, Magnetic, Thermoelectric, mechanical, ......)
    • Theme Chairs: Professor Baohua Jia, Prof. Zhenxiang Cheng
  • Nanomaterials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage
    • Theme Chairs:  Dr.  Munkhbayar Batmunkh; Prof. Dewei Chu; 
  • Storage and Transportation of Green Hydrogen, Materials Synthesis and Assemble
    • Theme Chairs: Associate Professor Guohua Jia
  • Bio- and Bionic materials
    • Theme Chairs: Prof. Ziqi Sun