This is the second of NCI's Data Webinars, each covering a particular aspect of NCI's data services, environments, management and more.

Who should attend: NCI data users, general researchers who are interested in the following domains such as climate and weather, earth observation, geosciences, hydrology, environment, astronomy, and son on. 

Format: The first part will be a talk (20-30min), followed by Q&A.

Details about the webinars, including past webinar slides, are at

This fortnight's webinar is about NCI's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

We will talk about:

  • What is the VDI
  • How to configure your login
  • What the VDI offers you
  • How to load libraries and packages
  • How to set up a working environment
  • How to run Jupyter notebooks on VDI

Prerequisite for this Webinar:

  • If you are a NCI user, I encourage you to install the VDI on your computer before the webinar. See installation instruction here.
  • If you are not a NCI user, but would like to be, you can sign up from Mancini.
  • If you are not a NCI user and not interested in being a member at this stage. There are still some general information that might be useful, such as how to run a Jupyter notebook, and how to set up an environment, etc.
  • Please send to if you have any issues with VDI installation.