This is the fourth of NCI's Data Webinars, each covering a particular aspect of NCI's data services, environments, management and more.

Details about the webinars, including all previous webinars and slides, are at

Who should attend: NCI data users, general researchers who are interested in the following domains such as climate and weather, earth observation, geosciences, hydrology, environment, astronomy, and son on. 

Format: This webinar is the second part of a two-part series on NCI's Geospatial Data Server. You may want to review that first session from the 8th of October before this webinar. The webinar will be conducted in two parts, with a guest speaker, Dr Leo Lymburner from Geoscience Australia, followed by NCI's Jingbo Wang. 

  • Digital Earth Australia (DEA) Data Collections presented by Dr. Leo Lymburner
  • Programmatic data access through GSKY presented by Dr. Jingbo Wang

Please welcome our first data webinar guest speaker, Dr. Leo Lymburner. Leo is the DEA team leader in Geoscience Australia. He is a remote sensing scientist. He leads a team in Geoscience Australia that's mapping intertidal zones and mangrove communities using Landsat imagery (25 metre spatial resolution) at a national scale. His research profile can be found through researchgate.

Leo Lymburner