Developed by the NCI Training team, this session offers a unique perspective on the latest development in computational biology.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the hottest topics in recent years and attract a lot of attention from researchers in various disciplines. Although enormous high-quality AI/ML courses and tutorials are available online, most of those materials are covering topics in CV and NLP only. Only a handful of courses are focusing on applying cutting-edge AI technology in other disciplines,  such as astronomy, computational biology and materialogy. In this AI and ML course series, we will introduce the basic knowledge of AI/ML as well as their implementation details in multidiscipline.  More importantly, we will take advantage of the most powerful supercomputer in Australia to boost your own AI applications. 

In computational biology, we will talk about how to use linear regression to predict the total vaccinated population; and how to build a Support Vector Classifier to distinguish fake news; how to build a simple CNN model to predict Transcription Factor’s binding site in single nucleotide resolution.


This course series is designed to help researchers to apply AI/ML in multidiscipline and take advantage of the supercomputer (Gadi) to boost their research. Therefore, it aims to help attendees:

  • Understanding the basic of AI/ML

  • Understanding the strength and weakness among different methods

  • Understanding how to apply basic ML/DL techniques

  • Understanding how to use Gadi