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NCI’s primary user support system is the JIRA Service Desk (JSD) from Atlassian. This service enables NCI to provide effective support to users in a timely manner.

You can access JSD by going to and logging in with your NCI account.

NCI also maintains a detailed User Guide at

Users can request help via the JSD system through a dedicated support portal. In addition to making new help requests, the support portal also allows users to see a personalised summary of their past help requests, with status information. JSD also contains links to helpful resources and FAQs to help you deal with questions you might have in the process.

The key features of this system are:

  • A one-stop shop for all your support requests and queries.
  • Frequently Asked Questions, tutorials and user guides.
  • A searchable repository of all past activity. Previous and current help requests sit together inside the system, and all activity is archived.

The JSD support portal is designed to capture supporting information for your help request, for example, project code, file system path, job ID or system name. These details make JSD the fastest way for you to get help from NCI User Support.

Help requests can also be submitted directly by email to NCI User Services ( These requests are linked to your NCI login account, and the details of those help requests are automatically added to your dashboard page within JSD, which shows the status of your current NCI support requests, as well as requests that have been resolved. As a general rule, email help requests should always include as much information as possible. Requests regarding project resources, e.g. a computing allocation or storage for a project, should include the NCI project code and the project’s resourcing scheme or stakeholder. Requests regarding jobs on Raijin should always include the relevant job IDs and project code.

There is no need to sign up specifically for JSD. Your NCI login and password, used to log in to Raijin and the Mancini system, will also log you in to JSD.

User Support Working Hours

Staff will attend to support queries during normal business hours, 8:30am-5:30pm Australian Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. Support requests received outside of normal business hours will be addressed at the first opportunity on the next business day. In some cases NCI staff may send support updates outside of normal business hours, however this should not be a general expectation.

NCI User Services can also be contacted by phone:

  • Local: 02 6125 3437
  • International: +61 2 6125 3437

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