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Fujin, named after the Shinto God of wind, is a Fujitsu PrimeHPC FX10 high-performance, distributed-memory supercomputer.

This system, which is a derivative of the Fujitsu K-machine (peak performance of 11 PFlops, and #1 on the Top500 list in 2011) at RIKEN in Kobe, Japan, has been provided under the Fujitsu-NCI Collaboration Agreement, and is available to support a range of projects, particularly those associated with collaborative activities involving Fujitsu and RIKEN.

The system installed in March 2013 comprises:

  • 1,536 cores (SPARC64 IXfx processor, 1.848GHz) in 96 compute nodes;
  • 3 TBytes of main memory;
  • Tofu interconnect; and
  • 122 TBytes of usable distributed filesystem FEFS.

This provides a peak performance of approximately 22.7 TFlops.

The unit of shared memory parallelism is the node, which comprises one 16-core Fujitsu SPARC64 IXfx processor.

The memory specification across the nodes is homogeneous. Each the 96 compute nodes has 32 GBytes of memory.

The Fujin system is configured with the:

  • Linux operating system;
  • Technical Computing Suite, HPC Middleware, which includes:
    • System management software
    • Job management software
    • Language processing systems
    • Application development environment
    • Distributed filesystem, FEFS

Application software provided in Fujin includes:

  • Compilers
  • Debugger and Profiler
  • Editors and GUI Development Environment
  • Mathematical Libraries
  • Network Access Services
  • Parallel Programming Libraries/Tools
  • Scripting Languages
  • Rank Map Automatic Tuning Tool


While the system is available to support specialised and collaborative projects, it is not provided as a general access system.  Requests for access will be considered by NCI on application.

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