National Computational Infrastructure

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Environmental Showcase

  • kSpace @ National Museum of Australia

    Created for the newly-opened National Museum of Australia, kSpace (short for “Kid’s Space”) is a VE experience that asks children to “imagine what life will be like for future generations”. Opening to the accolades of our customers – children ages 6 and up – kids interactively design futuristic buildings and vehicles that populate the virtual world of kSpace.

  • CSIRO Discovery Centre

    The Discovery Centre showcases the best of Australian technology and innovation created by CSIRO, the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization. A keystone exhibit is the Nortel Networks Virtual Reality Theatre, a two-screen system for which VIZLAB created a 7-minute VR tour of CSIRO plant science, mining and radioastronomy.

  • Powerhouse Wedge

    The Powerhouse Museum, located in Darling Harbour, Sydney, hosts unique and diverse exhibits spanning science, technology and social history. The award-winning Universal Machine exhibit contains VIZLAB’s first public VE system powered by our custom pSpace scripting software.

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