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National Environmental Research Data Interoperability Platform

NCI’s National Environmental Research Data Interoperability Platform (NERDIP) provides an integrated platform for users to access datasets managed at NCI.¬† Access to data is via:




NERDIP enables multiple ways to interact with high performance data –¬†Simplified (top) and Complex (bottom) visualisations of the structure of NERDIP

NCI manages a publication process for all its datasets through NERDIP. These datasets are carefully prepared, standardised, and harmonised to be suitable for High Performance Data (HPD) applications as part of this process.

NCI is comprised of the following major components:

  • A central Data Catalogue –
  • Data management tools –
  • Metadata records compliant with international data conventions
    • ISO19115
    • Attribute Conventions Dataset Discovery (ACDD)
    • Climate and Forecasting (CF) conventions
  • High performance data formats
  • Data services compliant with:
  • Vocabulary Service
  • Provenance Service

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