Researchers from one of the institutions listed below should contact the listed Scheme Manager with questions about accessing allocations and project management.

NCI Collaborating Organisations Scheme Managers
Institution Scheme Manager
The Australian National University
Bureau of Meteorology Justin Freeman
CSIRO Steve McMahon
Geoscience Australia David Lescinsky
University of New South Wales Joachim Mai
Deakin University Mark Mitchell
Garvan Institute of Medical Research Tim Ho
Intersect Wei Fang
Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation Marlies Hankel
RMIT University Salvy Russo
University of Technology Sydney Mike Lake
University of Wollongong Claire Carter
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Stephen Wilson
Monash University Simon Michnowicz
University of Adelaide Derek Leinweber
University of Melbourne Sean Crosby
University of Queensland Marlies Hankel
University of Sydney Kristian Maras
Macquarie University Richard Miller
University of Tasmania (Australian Antarctic Division – Antarctic Gateway Partnership) Ben Galton-Fenzi
Victoria University Anastasios Eleftheriadis
ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science Salvy Russo
ARC Centre of Excellence for Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies Nikhil Medhekar
ARC Research Hub for Basin Geodynamics and Evolution of Sedimentary Systems Sabin Zahirovic
ARC Centre of Excellence for for All Sky Astrophysics in 3 Dimensions Chris Power
Australian BioCommons Steven Manos
ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes Claire Carouge
Astronomy Australia Jarrod Hurley
Astronomy Australia Supercomputer Time Allocation Committee Large Program Bernard Mueller