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Delivering world-class, high performance computing and
data services for Australian research and innovation

NCI, Australia’s national high-end research computing service, is in the vanguard of international advanced computing, delivering solutions that encompass computationally-intensive modelling and simulation and which address the needs of big data. Through tightly-coupled, high-performance computing and data infrastructure, and internationally renowned expertise in computational science, data science and data management, NCI provides essential services that support the needs of research and industry today and into the future.

NCI has a pivotal role in Australia’s research and innovation system, supporting the work of 4,000 researchers across more than 500 projects, being undertaken in 35 universities, 5 national science agencies (including CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, and Geoscience Australia), 3 medical research institutes, and industry.

The research and development which is reliant on NCI spans the full spectrum—from fundamental research, through the strategic and applied, and on to actual industrial applications. NCI services are both necessary and influential in enhancing the competitiveness and impact of outcomes in every field of science and technology. An increasing number of fields are now highly dependent on the fusion of “big compute” and “big data” that NCI provides, e.g., in weather and climate science, the earth sciences, earth observation and remote sensing, medical research, and astronomy.

Within the university sector, NCI provides the essential high-performance computing and data foundation for more than 200 research projects, Centres of Excellence, and fellowships. Funding for these projects from the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council totals around $60 million per annum, or approximately $250 million over the projects’ lifetimes.

In the domain of the national science agencies, NCI provides critical program-level support in earth system science, by serving as the development platform of the Australian national weather and climate modelling suite, ACCESS. NCI is also the national hub for major national and international satellite earth observation collections (through the Australian Geoscience Data Cube), used in the earth, marine and environmental sciences, agriculture for research, the informing of policy development, and the development of important information products for primary industry.

NCI’s reach and impact spans the gamut of the National Science and Research Priorities, and demonstrates significant dependencies from Australian Government ministerial portfolios and departments which are highlighted in these case studies.

National Science & Research Priorities:

Food Security | Soil & Water | Transport | Energy | Resources | Advanced Manufacturing | Environmental Change | Health

solarcellscroppedFuture Industry and Next-Gen Technologies

NCI’s high-performance computing platform gives scientists the power and ease-of-use to model the physics and chemistry behind next-generation technologies such as solar cells, batteries and lasers.

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shutterstock_174127448_CROPPEDTracking Australia From Space

The Australian Geoscience Data Cube (AGDC) is a novel collaborative approach from Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and NCI for storing, organising and analysing the vast volumes of satellite earth observation and other geospatial datasets at the continental scale.

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shutterstock_475200493-2The Genomics Revolution

Human genomics, the growing field of medical research using gene sequences to understand, diagnose and treat human diseases, will revolutionise clinical practice in the coming years, through medical care customised to a patient’s unique genetic makeup.

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AusColoursTransforming Agricultural Research

NCI is providing essential computational and data services to support research, and which implement innovative agricultural information services, aiming to secure and enhance food production.

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stormsCollaboration On Weather & Climate Research

ACCESS is Australia’s national earth system science and climate modelling suite, targeted in the 2016 Draft Research Infrastructure Roadmap as critical infrastructure to deliver the next generation of prediction products.

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RocksAn Essential Resource For Industry

NCI provides essential computing resources for our industry partner, FEI Company, a world leader in imaging technology for a range of markets including oil and gas exploration.

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