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ISC17 HPC Resource Allocation Workshop

NCI will be presenting the following workshop on HPC Resource Allocation at ISC2017 in Frankfurt. The workshop will take place on Thursday, June 22 in the Marriott Frankfurt Hotel. Click here to register for the conference.

The HPC Resource Allocation Workshop is an opportunity for HPC professionals to share processes,
experiences, best practices and lessons learned for allocation of resources at major international
HPC centres. Allocation managers from a number of facilities, including NCI, PRACE, and Riken, will
present overviews of their allocation models and processes. The workshop will conclude with a
panel discussion of best practices, lessons learned, future plans and challenges for HPC resource

Workshop Format:
The workshop format is proposed as follows:

  1. HPC Resource Allocation Models and Processes (30 minutes per facility)
    National Computational Infrastructure – Australia
    PRACE – Europe
    RIKEN – Japan
    Additional facilities – to be confirmed
  2. Panel Discussion (minimum 30 minutes, to completion of workshop)
    Lessons Learned
    Best Practices
    Recommendations for Applicants
    Open Question and Answer

It is expected that all facilities represented will provide presentation materials and documentation
for their facility, and that a facility representative will be available to present this material and
participate in the panel discussion.
The panel discussion may be a valuable (and perhaps rare) opportunity for researchers seeking HPC
resources to get more information directly from major HPC facilities.


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