TechTake, with Dr Giuseppe Maria Junior Barca – The Australian National University

Dr Giuseppe Maria Junior Barca is a Lecturer of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in the School of Computingat the Australian National University (ANU).He holds a leadership role in large multi-institutional partnerships encompassing world-leading Australian and US universities, supercomputing facilities, and IT corporations. He is the leader of one of the Pawsey Centre for Extreme-scale Computing (PaCER) projects, a partner investigators for one of the Australasian Leadership Computing Grant, and the lead of GPU development for the GAMESS Exascale Computing Project.


NCI Presents: TechTake is an exciting opportunity for international computational and data science leaders to discuss and demonstrate how technology supports research.

Taking place on the last Tuesday of each month, this event will run online in order to reach diverse audiences across the globe and from all fields.

TechTake is designed to prompt engaging and in-depth conversations about both the current state and potential futures of technology to broaden and deepen understanding.