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New project application

New project creation step-by-step guide

Lead Chief Investigators can register a new project through the self-service Mancini system at

You will need a current NCI user account to register a new project. If you do not have an account follow the procedure on the NCI User Registration page to create a user account.

Project registration is an eight step process.

  1. Log in to the Mancini system. Got to and enter your username (or email address) and password. Click on the ‘Propose a project‘ link to initiate your new project proposal.
  2. Enter a project title and a proposal body, which summarises aims, methodologies, expected outcomes and high-performance computing requirements.
  3. Enter ANZSRC Field of Research (FOR) and Socie-Economic Objective (SEO) codes applicable to your project.
  4. Enter weights (percentages) that describe how your FOR and SEO codes apply to your project.
  5. Choose an allocation scheme from which your project will receive resources. The schemes listed will be those available to researchers at your institution or research organisation. Note that the Scheme Manager from the scheme you nominate will have the authority to approve or deny your project registration request.
  6. Select the system or systems which you require for the project. Note that the resources available to you will vary according to your institution and/or available schemes.
  7. Specify your initial resource request for computing (SU or cpu-hours) and storage (GB) on the nominated platforms. The resources listed will be those available to the nominated scheme.
  8. Nominate your initial project team. Select yourself as Lead Chief Investigator. Nominate other users by name or userid.
  9. Read and acknowledge the NCI Terms and Conditions of Use. If your project requires access to NCI systems from overseas collaborators you must seek advice regarding DTCA compliance from your institution’s Research Office.
  10. Review and submit your project proposal. The green ‘Submit proposal’ button will register your proposal in the system

Upon submission, the Scheme Manager for the nominated allocation scheme will receive an automated email notifying them of the new proposal. The Scheme Manager will review the proposal and give a final approval (or denial.) The Scheme Manager has the option to provide comments or additional information to the Lead CI on the approval decision.

If you need help or have any questions contact NCI Support at or 02 6125 3437. NCI Support is staffed 9am-5pm Australia Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

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