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Sponsorship Policy

NCI Sponsorship Policy

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) receives many requests for sponsorship and support from a wide variety of organisations.

This policy has been established to address all requests on a case by case basis. Only applications that have been submitted to meet the assessment criteria contained in this document will be considered for sponsorship.

Each request will be carefully assessed to determine if it meets sponsorship and marketing objectives. Requests for support that do not fit within these objectives will not be considered. In addition, budgetary constraints will limit the number of opportunities that we can undertake to support; the maximum amount of sponsorship NCI will grant is $5,000 (+ GST) cash plus in-kind support.

All sponsorship applications will be evaluated according to the criteria set out below.

Scope of this policy

In the context of this policy ‘sponsorship’ is defined as the provision of financial support or services in exchange for advertising, marketing and promotional opportunities.


  • May take the form of provision of a cash amount or the provision of material goods or service
  • Consists of above in exchange for agreed acknowledgement
  • May be between one or more organisations

Policy and rules of engagement

Responsibility for co-ordination of sponsorship lies with NCI Communications and Outreach team. Each proposal will be assessed on a merit basis according to the criteria set. Sponsorship requests must be submitted addressing the criteria set out in this policy document with a minimum six-week lead time before the date of the event.

Sponsorship Criteria

NCI will only agree to sponsorship opportunities that:

  • Are consistent with our mission and values
  • Specifically addresses NCI’s target audience – Partners, research communities, Flagship Centre’s of Excellence etc
  • Helps achieve our objective to increase awareness of NCI


Successful applicants must provide NCI with:

  • Proof of acknowledgement (e.g. website/program/social media)
  • Materials for cross-promotion of event
  • Final report/event wrap-up with the number of attendees and names if appropriate
  • Any relevant feedback regarding NCI’s involvement

Details required

Requests for sponsorship can be made via letter, email, sponsorship prospectus etc. Details that will be required for your submission to be reviewed are:

  • Name of Organisation ­­­­­­
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Date of Event
  • Purpose of Event
  • Cash, goods or services requested and dollar value
  • Venue where event will be held
  • Target demographic of guest list
  • Promotional Opportunities (Details of how NCI will be acknowledged)
  • Will NCI be required to provide marketing materials?
  • Will NCI be required to have a booth at the event?
  • Will NCI receive complimentary registrations/tickets?

Please submit sponsorship requests to

Upon receipt of a sponsorship request the NCI Communications team will prepare a memo to the Director. Final decisions will be made by the NCI Executive.


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