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Who’s who


<p><strong>Professor Sean Smith</strong><br />

Professor Sean Smith

<p><strong>Dr Ben Evans</strong><br />
Associate Director, Research Engagement and Initiatives</p>

Dr Ben Evans
Associate Director, Research Engagement and Initiatives

<p><strong>Allan Williams</strong><br />
Associate Director, Services and Technology</p>

Allan Williams
Associate Director, Services and Technology

<p><strong>Amanda Walker</strong><br />
Business Manager</p>

Amanda Walker
Business Manager

<p><strong>Lucy Guest</strong><br />
Communications and Outreach Manager</p>
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Lucy Guest
Communications and Outreach Manager




<p><strong>Ulrike Ross</strong><br />
Executive Assistant</p>

Ulrike Ross
Executive Assistant

<p><strong>Tegan Kahn<br />
</strong>Senior Communications and Outreach Officer (on mat leave until Feb 2020)</p>

Tegan Kahn
Senior Communications and Outreach Officer (on mat leave until Feb 2020)

<p><strong>Chris Wilkinson<br />
</strong>Senior Communications Officer</p>

Chris Wilkinson
Senior Communications Officer

<p><strong>Adam Huttner-Koros      </strong>Communications Officer</p>

Adam Huttner-Koros      Communications Officer

<p><strong>Dr Alistair Usher</strong><br />
Executive Officer</p>

Dr Alistair Usher
Executive Officer

<p><strong>Donna Chan</strong><br />
Finance Officer</p>

Donna Chan
Finance Officer

<p><strong>Aidan Muirhead</strong><br />
Communications and Outreach Officer</p>

Aidan Muirhead
Communications and Outreach Officer

Services and Technologies

User Services

<p><strong>Dr Roger Edberg</strong><br />
Manager – User Support</p>

Dr Roger Edberg
Manager – User Support

<p><strong>Dr Andrey Bliznyuk</strong><br />
Staff Scientist</p>

Dr Andrey Bliznyuk
Staff Scientist

<p><strong>Anish Varghese</strong><br />
Staff Scientist</p>

Anish Varghese
Staff Scientist

<p><strong>Mark Gregson</strong><br />
Specialist Computing Systems Programmer</p>

Mark Gregson
Specialist Computing Systems Programmer

<p><strong>Dr Mohsin Ali<br />
</strong>Staff Scientist<strong><br />

Dr Mohsin Ali
Staff Scientist

<p><strong>Dr Yue Sun<br />
</strong>Staff Scientist<strong><br />

Dr Yue Sun
Staff Scientist

<p><strong>Dr Rika Kobayashi</strong><br />
Staff Scientist</p>

Dr Rika Kobayashi
Staff Scientist

<p><strong>Dr Ivan Rostov</strong><br />
Staff Scientist</p>

Dr Ivan Rostov
Staff Scientist

HPC and Cloud Systems

<p><strong>Andrew Wellington</strong><br />
Senior HPC Systems Administrator</p>

Andrew Wellington
Senior HPC Systems Administrator

<p><strong>Andrew Howard<br />
</strong>HPC Systems Administrator<strong><br />

Andrew Howard
HPC Systems Administrator

<p><strong>Brian Davis</strong><br />
HPC Infrastructure Project Manager</p>

Brian Davis
HPC Infrastructure Project Manager

<p><strong>Simon Fowler</strong><br />
Specialist Cloud Systems Programmer</p>

Simon Fowler
Specialist Cloud Systems Programmer

<p><strong>Dr Ben Menadue<br />
</strong>Senior HPC Systems Specialist</p>

Dr Ben Menadue
Senior HPC Systems Specialist

<p><strong>Dr Yuanyuan Zhang</strong><br />
HPC Systems Administrator</p>

Dr Yuanyuan Zhang
HPC Systems Administrator

<p><b>Malcolm Gill</b><br />
Cloud Specialist</p>

Malcolm Gill
Cloud Specialist

<p><strong>Calliope Clarke<br />
</strong>Cloud Systems Administrator</p>

Calliope Clarke
Cloud Systems Administrator

<p><strong>Dr Dale Roberts<br />
</strong>Senior HPC Systems Specialist</p>

Dr Dale Roberts
Senior HPC Systems Specialist

Storage Infrastructure

<p><strong>Daniel Rodwell</strong><br />
Manager, Data Storage Services</p>

Daniel Rodwell
Manager, Data Storage Services

<p><strong>Grant Ward</strong><br />
HSM Administrator</p>

Grant Ward
HSM Administrator

<p><strong>Javed Shaikh</strong><br />
Scalable File Systems Specialist</p>

Javed Shaikh
Scalable File Systems Specialist

<p><strong>James Fitzsimmons<br />
</strong>VMware and Storage Systems Administrator</p>

James Fitzsimmons
VMware and Storage Systems Administrator

<p><strong>Dr Kim Sebo<br />
</strong>Scalable File System Specialist</p>

Dr Kim Sebo
Scalable File System Specialist

<p><strong>Darren Coleman</strong></p>
<p>Senior IT Network Security Specialist</p>

Darren Coleman

Senior IT Network Security Specialist

<p><strong>Cathy Clegg</strong></p>
<p>Senior Infrastructure Applications Administrator</p>
<p> </p>

Cathy Clegg

Senior Infrastructure Applications Administrator


Research Engagement and Initiatives

Project Management and Community Engagement

<p><strong>Clare Richards<br />
</strong>Senior HPC Innovations Project Manager</p>

Clare Richards
Senior HPC Innovations Project Manager

<p><strong>Dr Qurat Tariq<br />
</strong>HPC Project Manager</p>

Dr Qurat Tariq
HPC Project Manager

<p><strong>Dr Lesley Wyborn</strong><br />
Adjunct Fellow, ANU</p>

Dr Lesley Wyborn
Adjunct Fellow, ANU

HPC Simulation Scaling and Data Analysis Optimisation

<p><strong>Dr Rui Yang<br />
</strong>Senior HPC Specialist</p>

Dr Rui Yang
Senior HPC Specialist

<p><strong>Dr Matthew Downton</strong><br />
Senior HPC Specialist</p>

Dr Matthew Downton
Senior HPC Specialist

Data Collection Management

<p><strong>Dr Jingbo Wang<br />
</strong>Data Collections Manager</p>

Dr Jingbo Wang
Data Collections Manager

<p><strong>Dr Kelsey Druken<br />
</strong>Earth Systems Data Service Specialist (acting Data Collections Manager)</p>

Dr Kelsey Druken
Earth Systems Data Service Specialist (acting Data Collections Manager)

<p><strong>Dr Nigel Rees<br />
</strong>Research Data Management Specialist</p>

Dr Nigel Rees
Research Data Management Specialist

<p><strong>Dr Kate Snow<br />
</strong>Research Data Management Specialist</p>

Dr Kate Snow
Research Data Management Specialist

Data Services and Virtual Lab Infrastructure

<p><strong>Jon Smillie</strong><br />
Virtual Laboratory Manager</p>

Jon Smillie
Virtual Laboratory Manager

<p><strong>Chris Allen<br />
</strong>Virtual Laboratories Programmer</p>

Chris Allen
Virtual Laboratories Programmer

<p><strong>Kashif Gohar</strong><br />
Specialist Programmer</p>

Kashif Gohar
Specialist Programmer

<p><strong>Warren (Huarong) Yang</strong></p>
<p>Linux System Administrator</p>

Warren (Huarong) Yang

Linux System Administrator

Data Service Innovation

<p><strong>Edison (Jian) Guo<br />
</strong>Senior Software Engineer</p>

Edison (Jian) Guo
Senior Software Engineer

<p><strong>Dr Ben Elliston<br />
</strong>Casual Senior Software Engineer</p>

Dr Ben Elliston
Casual Senior Software Engineer

<p><strong>Dr Arapaut Sivaprasad<br />
</strong>Senior Software Engineer</p>

Dr Arapaut Sivaprasad
Senior Software Engineer


<p><strong>Drew Whitehouse</strong><br />
Visualisation Programmer</p>

Drew Whitehouse
Visualisation Programmer

<p><strong>Dr Ajay Limaye</strong><br />
Visualisation Programmer</p>

Dr Ajay Limaye
Visualisation Programmer

<p><strong>Stuart Ramsden</strong><br />
Visualisation Programmer</p>

Stuart Ramsden
Visualisation Programmer

Fujitsu Area3 Computational Chemistry Project

<p><strong>Dr Roger Amos<br />
</strong>Computational Chemist<strong><br />

Dr Roger Amos
Computational Chemist

<p><strong>Dr Vladislav Vassiliev</strong><br />
Computational Chemist</p>

Dr Vladislav Vassiliev
Computational Chemist

<p><strong>Dr Rika Kobayashi</strong><br />
Academic Consultant & Area 3</p>

Dr Rika Kobayashi
Academic Consultant & Area 3

<p><strong>Dr Ivan Rostov</strong><br />
Academic Consultant & Area 3</p>

Dr Ivan Rostov
Academic Consultant & Area 3

On-site Contractors

<p><strong>Symon Swann<br />

Symon Swann

<p><strong>Jeff Allen<br />

Jeff Allen

<p><strong>Yoosha Khader<br />

Yoosha Khader

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