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Canberra from space video

See how the Canberra landscape has changed over the last three decades in this fascinating video created by NCI staff.

The video shows 108 images of the Canberra region taken by the USGS/NASA Landsat satellites between 1987 and 2014.

The video highlights green vegetation on the ground so differences between seasons and rainy periods stand-out. Look out for the impact of the 2003 bushfire.

On-board both satellites was a whisk-broom sensor known as the ‘Thematic Mapper’ earth observation sensor which can simultaneously image the field-of-view below the satellite’s transit over the earth’s surface in seven spectral bands (three in the visible and four in the infra-red range).

Each pixel in each frame of the video is generated by combining a Red, Blue and Green value. We create a false-colour image per frame by compositing the Near Infrared, Red band and Green band from the Thematic Mapper into the Red, Blue and Green values per pixel.

This video was created by NCI’s High Performance Data team using NCI’s Raijin supercomputer. The Landsat Archive, curated by Geoscience Australia, is hosted at NCI.

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