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Young scientist award for NCI researcher

NCI-supported CSIRO researcher Dr Ravichandar Babarao has received the 2015 Scopus Young Scientist Award in Sustainable Development.

Dr Babarao has been using Raijin to search for a carbon dioxide-absorbing material for application in sustainable energy systems.

“With increasing usage of fossil fuels worldwide, a huge amount of carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere,” Dr Babarao said.

“This means separating carbon dioxide from other gases using a suitable technique is an imperative goal.


Dr Babarao (2nd from R) accepts his award.

“As the number of nanoporous materials known to date is extremely large, selecting a promising material from discovery to applications is a challenge

“In this regard, computer simulation can assist in screening various porous materials for a particular application and aid in the design of new materials.”

Dr Babarao’s research is part of the ‘Solving the Energy Waste Roadblock’ project, a collaborative project between CSIRO and five Australian universities, funded by SIEF.

He says he was honoured to receive the prize.

“It was a great pleasure to be announced as the winner,” said Dr Babarao.

“The award motivates several young researchers like me to contribute to the sustainable development addressing global challenges including energy demand and climate change.”

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