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Newly elected AAS Fellows

Congratulations to the four NCI-supported researchers who have been announced as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.

Professors Martin Asplund and Malcolm Sambridge from ANU, Maria Forsyth from Deakin University, and Julian Gale from Curtin University were among the 21 new Fellows announced for 2015.              

Astronomer Professor Martin Asplund, who was recognised for his work on the life and death of stars, said the honour was humbling.

“It’s a humbling experience – I never thought I would get to this point so early in my career.”

Earth scientist Professor Malcolm Sambridge was honoured for his influential work modelling data from diverse sources such as seismic waves in the Earth’s interior, microanalysis of chemicals in minerals and landscape evolution.

Theoretical chemist Professor Julian Gale was honoured for his work in the kinetics and mechanisms of crystallisation processes in materials science, mineralogy, and geochemistry has become the basis for one of the most widely used commercial packages in his field.


Professor Maria Forsyth.

Professor Maria Forsyth was recognised as a world leader in developing advanced materials for new energy and infrastructure technologies, including fuel cells, battery designs and new ways to prevent corrosion.

NCI Director Professor Lindsay Botten congratulated all those who were honoured.

“To be elected to the Australian Academy of Science by your peers is a real honour and I congratulate all of the new Fellows,” he said.

“All of the Fellows are doing ground breaking work in their chosen fields and we are proud to support them.”

Find out more about the new Fellows’ research at the Australian Academy of Science.

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