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Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC joins NCI

NCI is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems CRC. ACE CRC LOGO V2 CMYK

The ACE CRC is Australia’s primary vehicle for understanding the role of the Antarctic region in the global climate system, and the implications for marine ecosystems. Their purpose is to provide governments and industry with accurate, timely and actionable information on climate change and its likely impacts.

The ACE CRC has seven highly integrated research projects aimed at understanding how the physical environment of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is changing, why those changes are occurring, and what the impacts are for marine ecosystems.

Under the new Collaboration Agreement, the ACE CRC will have access to the high-performance computing they need to run model simulations of the cryosphere, oceans and biosphere, and for the analysis of very large data sets – including those collected from satellites.

The new agreement will allow greater collaboration on many important science questions by providing a platform for ACE CRC researchers – and their partners and collaborators – to work together more closely using world-class HPC resources.

Under the agreement, the ACE CRC will lead the management of computing resources for a consortium that includes the Australian Antarctic Division and the Antarctic Gateway Partnership.

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