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Storage boost

NCI_Raijin_credit Paul KuskeNCI’s storage capacity has been boosted to 44 petabytes.

NCI has signed a $2M deal with Fujitsu to work with storage and data management company NetApp to supply and install FAS, E-series and EF all-flash storage arrays with a raw storage capacity of 11 petabytes, bringing NCI’s total raw storage capacity from 33 petabytes to 44 petabytes.

The new storage will extend NCI’s ability to provide world class, high-end services to Australian researchers, industry and government, said NCI Director Professor Lindsay Botten.

“As a provider of national high-performance computing and data services we manage large amounts of research data,” he said.

“As a result of constant growth in data holdings and scientific research projects that often generate and analyse petabytes of new data in very short timeframes, we needed to design a new pod-based storage architecture that can scale seamlessly in predetermined blocks of capacity and throughput.”

The deal commences the build of the next generation of high-performance, global parallel filesystems at NCI for holding the RSDI-supported National Environmental Research Data Collection, which will be accessible from both the supercomputer and the cloud at an unprecedented speed of 100 GBytes/sec. 


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