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National Prize for Flood Risk project


Satellite image of surface water on Australia

The Geoscience Australia project, Water Observations from Space (WOfS), with support from NCI was recognised at the annual Resilient Australia Awards this week.

Part of the National Flood Risk Information Project, WOfS used decades of satellite imagery to show the history of surface water across the nation since 1987, providing emergency managers with a new understanding of potential flood impacts. The project won the award for nationally significant work in the Government category.

“The WOfS project shows a national picture of surface water, enabling us to better understand how infrastructure and environmental assets may be at risk from flood. This is particularly ground breaking for remote, inland areas where historical flood information is typically sparse,” Minister for Industry Ian Macfarlane said.

“Through the satellite mapping of Australia’s surface water over time, Geoscience Australia is able to provide consistent information to Government, industry and the community on issues including flood management and safety, wetland management, agricultural innovation and infrastructure development.

“This is the first time that a continent-wide study of surface water from satellite imagery has been undertaken at this level of detail, anywhere in the world, and adds to Australia’s already strong capability as a nation at the forefront of disaster resilience.”

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