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New technology takes out top prize

shutterstock_148217705A revolutionary rock sampling technology co-developed by ANU and UNSW researchers using NCI’s supercomputer has won the 2014 UNSW Innovation of the Year Award.

Professors Val Pinczewski and Christoph Arns from the School of Petroleum Engineering at UNSW won the award for their contribution to the project.

The technology produces digital 3D images and simulations of fluids in rock samples, giving companies crucial information to help them work out the best way to extract oil and gas and was seen as a classic case of technology transfer from lab to industry, which would deliver financial returns.

Earlier this year the digital core analysis technology was sold to US company FEI for $76 million.

In 2012, the ANU and UNSW team also won the prestigious Eureka Prize for commercialisation of innovation for the technology. The Eureka prizes are part of the most comprehensive and prominent national science awards.

NCI Director, Professor Lindsay Botten, congratulated Professors Val Pinczewski and Christoph Arns on their achievement.

“It’s wonderful to see Professors Val Pinczewski and Christoph Arns receive recognition for their hard work and dedication, which resulted in such a successful outcome for both academia and industry.

“The fact that NCI facilities have played a role in producing technology that has such a big global impact on industry exemplifies the world-class high-end computing services that we are able to offer Australian researchers,” said Professor Botten.

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