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NCI Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance Summary
Type: Scheduled major downtime
Start: Tuesday 1 April  2014, 1700 AEDT (5:00pm)
End:  Tuesday 1 April  2014, 2330 AEDT (11:30pm)
Duration: 6.5 Hours

• Repair of NCI datacentre mains supply transformers by ActewAGL
• Quarterly system maintenance activities by NCI staff.

Services Affected:
• Raijin (Login nodes, Compute Nodes, Queues, Filesystems)
• /g/data1 filesystem
• NCI Partner Cloud
• VMware instances using /g/data1

Dear NCI Users,

On Tuesday 1 April 2014, scheduled maintenance will be undertaken to repair the two mains supply transformers feeding the NCI datacentre. The work will be performed by ActewAGL (ACT Electricity Utility) and require the overall power load for the datacentre to be reduced significantly. The repair is required to ensure ongoing and reliable supply to the datacentre.

To facilitate this work, Raijin will be shut down during the maintenance window. A maintenance horizon has been set in the PBS scheduler to avoid allocating jobs that would run or commence during the maintenance window.

Concurrently, NCI staff will perform quarterly scheduled maintenance tasks on the NCI Partner Cloud, as well as the Raijin and /g/data filesystems.

The timetable for downtime and restoration of service is:

5:00PM : Raijin shutdown commences, Filesystem and Cloud maintenance commences
9:00PM : Filesystem and Cloud maintenance completes
11:00PM : Transformer repair complete
11:30PM : Raijin online, job queues activated

Services may be resumed ahead of the timetable where possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact

NCI User Services

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