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Data Management and Storage

NCI has a team of expert data managers who can work with you to curate your data collection for optimal accessibility, analysis and data sharing.

Store the data

If you represent a university, company or institution that generates, owns or requires access to big data, contact us at to find out how we can help you.

Find the data

NCI currently stores and manages more than 10PB of nationally and internationally significant datasets within the NCI National Research Data Collection. Each collection has a summary information catalogue available through GeoNetwork.

Access the data

The data be accessed through:

Manage the data

Our data management team works closely with our partners to develop a Data Management Plan that will inform how your dataset is catalogued, published and cited.

Metadata schema used at NCI is mainly based on Geospatial metadata (ISO 19115). ISO 19115:2003 defines the schema required for describing geographic information and services. It provides information about the identification, the extent, the quality, the spatial and temporal schema, spatial reference, and distribution of digital geographic data.

The data collections information are stored in the format of Data Management Plan(DMP). NCI’s DMP is ISO19115 compliant so that it is nationally and internationally transferable cross different metadata platform. The DMP template is available at here.

NCI also offer persistent identifier services, such as DOI minting, URI minting services, and so on.

The service of using the metadata schema to create register catalogue entries, create DMP, and mint DOI, are offered through an access to NCI’s Data Management Tool portal ( The NCI users can use their LDAP account to login the service interface.

If you require assistance email or call the NCI Help Desk on +61 2 6125 3437

Data Management Team’s Key Functions

  • Manage research data stored at NCI in terms of catalogue registry, directory structure, Access Control List, quality control and quality assurance of the data, data management plan.
  • Facilitates the advancement of data standards and conventions.
  • Develops online tools for managing data management plan, metadata catalogues entries, and effectively querying the research data stored at NCI.
  • Provide DOI minting services.
  • Grant user’s application on accessing data on the filesystem
  • Approve data storage request
  • Publish data on various data services
  • Provide consultation on data management practice, comprehensive training and support on data products and services.
  • Fosters community interaction and engagement to promote sharing of data.


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