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Barrine: bioinformatics


This facility (Barrine) is supported by the University of Queensland (UQ), the Queensland Cyber-infrastructure Foundation (QCIF), the Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics (QFAB), CSIRO, and NCI, and was established to provide specialised resources for bioinformatics and computational biology.  

The system comprises 3,144 Intel Xeon cores (SGI hardware) cores in a heterogeneous memory configuration:

  • 311 nodes  of 8 cores and 24 GB of RAM;
  • 28 nodes of 8 cores and 72 GB of RAM;
  • 3 nodes of 32 cores of 1024 GB of RAM

linked by a QDR Infiniband backplane, and including a Panasis filesystem.

Detailed System Configuration

Detailed information about the hardware configuration is available at

Application Software

A broad range of bioinformatics applications is available, covering the general areas of:

  • Bioinformatics programming languages;
  • Annotation;
  • De novo assembly;
  • Functional annotation;
  • Gene prediction;
  • Metagenomics;
  • Phylogeny;
  • Sequence alignment;
  • Sequence quality control;
  • Short read analysis;
  • Short read reference mapping;
  • Statistics;
  • Miscellanea.

A comprehensive list of the application software is available at

User Guide

An online User Guide is provided at


Approximately 32% of the facility (i.e., approximately 8.76M core hours) is made available to researchers nationally through the National Computational Merit Allocation Scheme.

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