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Mass Data (SGI DMF)

Description: massdata is a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) system and, as the name suggests, is designed for the bulk storage of data. It is designed for long-term storage or data that is accessed infrequently, and therefore is typically used as an archive. 

This is mounted by a number of systems via NFS, and provides a 300TB disk staging area before being spooled to tape. As data is written to tape, it is duplicated by the system to two separate tape libraries, located in two distinct data centres located on the ANU campus.

At present (July 2013), this system provides 3.1 PB amount of storage.

For additional detail, please see the (slightly out-dated) description at

Costing: The cost per TB for this storage class reflects the combination ofthe disk cache, the cost of tape and licensing costs for slots in the tape library, the capital costs of tape library, the DMF software license costs, the DMF servers, and the NFS servers that provide access.

Access: The mass data service is accessible via NFS mounts on a number of systems.

Disaster Recovery (DR): Recovery from disaster is provided for through dual tape libraries in two separate locations, controlled by primary location.

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