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Data storage systems


NCI operates the fastest filesystems in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our filesystems link our High Performance Computing and High Performance Data resources via 56 Gb FDR Infiniband and/or 10 Gb Ethernet, providing unparalleled service integration.

Filesystem_configuration_diagram from Annual Report

For more information about which filesystems are most appropriate for your project and how to use them see the Filesystem User Guide.

Name Size (PB) Access speed Purpose Availability Quota Time limit Backup User Guide
/short  8  150GB/s Large data IO, data maintained beyond one job Raijin only 72GB (project) 365 days No Yes
/g/data  37.1  140GB/s Processing of large data files Global none No Yes
massdata  49  140MB/s Archiving large data files External 20GB none Yes Yes

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