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Tenjin, NCI’s high performance partner cloud is specifically designed for data-intensive computation. Unlike NCI’s NeCTAR Research Cloud, Tenjin is housed entirely within NCI, providing access to NCI’s 20PB global high-speed parallel filesystems. Tenjin provides an OpenStack cloud environment that is tightly integrated with NCI’s supercomputing and high-performance storage infrastructure, providing privileged and secure access to NCI’s global parallel filesystems. It is an ideal environment for research requiring access to the datasets held in NCI, which is why it is the home of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Tenjin is a 33.5 Teraflop peak performance Dell OpenStack cloud offering:

  • 1600 Xeon Sandy Bridge cores in 100 nodes
  • Mellanox 56GB Ethernet – full fat tree topology
  • 25TB main memory
  • 160TB Solid State Disk
  • Access to NCI’s 20PB global high-speed parallel filesystems

Detailed system specs

Access Tenjin:

If you are a researcher at one of NCI’s partner organisations, contact for more information on accessing Tenjin.

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