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NeCTAR Research Cloud

NCI is one of eight nodes of the national NeCTAR Research Cloud.

NCI’s NeCTAR cloud provides any researcher affiliated with an Australian university with access to 3200 virtual cores from an Ubuntu OpenStack environment.

Click here to be connected to the NeCTAR cloud using your university login.

Click here for more details on accessing the NCI NeCTAR node.

The following custom features distinguish the NCI node from other nodes in the NeCTAR Research Cloud:

  • Supercomputer specification (Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge processors)
  • 160TB of Solid State Disk storage for high IOPS
  • Infiniband switching fabric for a low latency, high-throughput interconnect allowing simultaneous high-performance computation and data intensive storage usage
  • Access to high performance and redundant Ceph storage.

NCI’s NeCTAR cloud is differentiated from our Tenjin Partner Cloud in that it does not provide direct access to NCI’s internal storage files, such as the 10PB NCI National Research Data Collection.

Click here for detailed specifications of NCI’s cloud systems.

The NeCTAR Research Cloud is led by the University of Melbourne and has been established with funding from the Australian Government through its Super Science Initiatives.

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